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The CERI Mechanical Engineering Office is in charge of the Mechanical, Hydraulic, Fluid …

From the CERI standard products (machining units, feed tables, vises …), each project is completely defined, from the general view to the detail parts drawings.

The Mechanical BE is equipped with 6 CAD-CAD workstations, including 4 workstations capable of working in 3D CATIA interfaced SOLIDWORKS.

The CERI Automatism Study Office is one of our strengths. We have an internal mastery of Automatism and Industrial Computing: NC Programs, Robot Programs, Computer Programming, X-Elec Schemes…
BOUST, a subsidiary of CERI – René Clément, is in charge of machining mechanical parts.

Skills: Mechanized Welding, Turning, Reaming, Milling, EDM, Grinding, Adjustment…

CERI realizes the machine wiring, as well as all the wiring of the cabinets and other desks.
The CERI assembly workshop is organized around a central assembly and subassembly testing hall and 2 machine assembly halls.
The whole covers an area of 2500 m2.

CERI offers a wide range of services, from initial expertise to production monitoring on the site, for “turnkey” projects :

– Technical analysis / Expertises
– After-Sales Service – Spare Parts
– Troubleshooting, On-site interventions
– Technical Assistances in Mechanics, Automatism, Line Driving
– Training of operators and maintenance staff
– Retrofits

In accordance with our Quality Charter, the Quality Department supervises the progress of each case, from the study phases to the follow-up of installations.
The CERI Company has been certified Automotive PSA / Renault E.A.Q.F-A since 1994, and ISO 9001 since July 2006.